Swiss Vocational Training Delegation Beijing Visit, Oct 23-24

The Science, Technology and Education Section, Swiss Embassy in Beijing helped a group of principals of Swiss vocational training schools which is led by Mr. Peter Erhard, organized the two days in Beijing out of their 12-day trip to China.


The first day was scheduled with a company visit and touristic activities. On the second day, Friday 24 October, in the morning they visited first the National Association for Vocational Education in China (NAVEC) for a discussion about the respective systems of professional training in China and Switzerland. NAVEC had invited a representative from the Ministry of Education (Mr. BAI Hangang, Division of Public Private Partnership, Department of Vocational and Adult Education) to introduce the Chinese VET system. They then visited the Shougang Technician College, a “key vocational school" designated by the Minister of Education, with a focus on technical training in auto-mechanic field (shown as the picture below).

In the afternoon the group visited the Beijing Municipal Business School, another key vocational training school with training all kinds of service professions.

The delegation was on a fact-finding mission. Nevertheless, possible cooperation such as faculty exchange has been discussed and there might be follow-ups. Overall the school principals were very happy with the visits.

The delegation has moved on to the West China and will end up in Shanghai, where they will visit the General Consulate and swissnex China.