“Clean Space One”: How the Swiss Clean Space

Following the visit of EPFL Vice President Prof. Philippe Gillet earlier this year and the EPFL’s recently announced exchange summer school with Beihang University in Beijing, we have more exciting news from EPFL.

This time we would like to show you how a Swiss-built satellite cleans the polluted space around Earth. The project “Clean Space One” is initiated by EPFL’s Swiss Space Center led by its director Dr. Volker Gass.

Enjoy watching the video!

Moreover, we would like to announce the visit of the Swiss Space Office in Beijing later on this month. Stay tuned…

 (Video source: http://www.srf.ch/player/tv/einstein/video/schweizer-raeumen-den-weltraum-auf?id=e45cfc71-4129-423e-a3c2-74e9206ef7a6)