Swiss Space Exhibition, 1st of August 2014

As we all know, science is fun! Especially when our team in Beijing tries to reproduce the Clean Space One, the world's first space debris cleaner, from the Swiss Space Center, catching the Swiss Cube, Switzerland's first satellite, with a toy catcher machine.

The Swiss Space exhibition was part of a bigger project: the Swiss National day and the 40th anniversary of the Swiss Embassy in Sanlitun.  For this occasion, about 1300 guests were invited on the 1st of August at the Embassy to celebrate “Switzerland in motion” by commemorating the history of the Embassy and Swiss traditions, while celebrating a modern, innovative and young Switzerland. The lucky guests visited various exhibitions under the sound of nice music, took part to some activities and, last but not least, enjoyed some Swiss gathering (raclette, chocolate, wine, beer,…). It was certainly an evening they will remember, and so will we.