All Swiss school & universities alumni gathering 2017 in Beijing

The weather is starting to get colder, winter is approaching and what comes to mind when you see snow? Winter sports! Glühwein! Raclette! The times you have spent in the cold winter in Switzerland, in the city enjoying some Glühwein or up in the mountains skiing and having Raclette, were missed for sure.

That’s why we thought of recreating the same atmosphere of the cozy winter, a chalet offering Glühwein, a movie showing the amazing scenery of the Swiss mountains, and the traditional Swiss food Raclette on the occasion of the All Swiss Schools & Universities Alumni Gathering, which took place at the Embassy of Switzerland in Beijing on the 2nd of November 2017.


Invited by the Ambassador of Switzerland to China, H.E Mr. Jean-Jacques de Dardel, and the Science Technology and Education Section of the Swiss Embassy in Beijing, together with the contribution from swisslearning, and the guest of honours H.E. Ivo Bischofberger, President of the Swiss Council of States and Nicolas Bideau, Ambassador, Head of Presence Switzerland, over 150 alumni from Swiss schools and universities participated in the gathering.

The Ambassador’s speech welcomed the alumni and was followed by a buffet reception including Raclette made with Swiss cheese that we ordered especially from Switzerland. Raclette originated from the region of Valais and we had the pleasure of getting it served the traditional way by one of our Valais colleagues Liam Bates, founder and CEO of Kaiterra.


The Ambassador de Dardel has been attaching great importance to alumni event as he values the ties created by students from both countries. He invites alumni to get together at his residence on a regular base in order to let them continue their close ties with Switzerland after their studies. It’s a great pleasure to see that the alumni enjoy and appreciate such kind opportunities evidenced by their enthusiastic participations.


It is our wish to provide opportunities for alumni to meet up once in a while to catch up with old friends and make new friends, and to feel that their study experience does not finish after their returns, it is in fact a long lasting story which will develop further with new element added over time, and we are here to support and connect each of them.