swissnex China 2018 Year-End Events & Insights

by Quentin Gigon, Junior Project Manager - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

While the year is coming to the end, the technology community in Shanghai is still going strong, and as such swissnex China had the pleasure of being invited to a few conferences and events about various tech related topics. Read more below.

Plug and Play China 2018 Winter Summit

Based in Silicon Valley, Plug and Play is one of the largest startup accelerators in the world. It has helped grow companies such as PayPal, Google, DropBox, SoundHound etc. In China, Plug and Play has invested in more than 200 startups and accelerated over 500 startups.

Fintech Selection Day

The Fintech Selection Day, which saw 20 Fintech startups pitching from fields such as big data analysis, flash payments, and meteorological risk analysis, as well as the inauguration of Plug and Play's new Blockchain Innovation Lab.

Supply Chain | Brand & Retail Focus Day

Brand & Retail / Supply Chain Tech Focus Day, with 12 startups pitching and demonstrating innovative new retail concepts on the one hand, as well as disruptive unmanned vehicle services on the other. Leon Zhao, one of the panelists at our Homes of Drones event a few weeks ago, was among those pitching with his startup Antwork.


Fea Consulting / The Blockchainer

FEA-Consulting, a subsidiary company of The Blockchainer, has been holding in-depth and high-end summits in fintech, consumer finance, commercial banking, internet insurance, wealth management, AI, blockchain and digital assets areas for many years. It has so far served more than 5,000 outstanding global companies and 30,000 industry leaders.

Finners City 2018

The Finners City 2018 Digital Finance summit brought together international fintech associations, governments, old & new financial institutions, tech providers, as well as investors to discuss and explore the future of digital finance.

The Summit provided interesting insights into the future of fintech: indeed, there seemed to be a consensus among the fintech associations of Zhejiang, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong, that the next "battleground" of fintech will be in blockchain and data protection.


Chain Plus

The Blockchainer's conference "Chain Plus +" focusing on the Iterative Development and Regulatory Trends in Blockchain. The event offered interesting insights, particularly in the applications of blockchain technology in various fields including crowdfunding and gaming. The crypto winter was a notably recurring theme in many presentations. Once again, there were some familiar faces at the conference, including Olga Feldmeier of Smart Valor, who will be a speaker at swissnex China’s Blockchain event in Zurich on December 11.