“Connect, Grow, Achieve”: Young Swiss Thriving in China

By Quentin Gigon, Junior Project Manager Innovation & Entrepreneurship

“Connect, Grow, Achieve”: These were the keywords of the evening of Thursday August 9, 2018, as the Young Swiss in China came together for a special evening with presentations examining various China-related topics from four speakers, including Iwan Wuelser, CEO of LeapRight Consulting, Didier Quarroz, founder of Shateso, Jessica Li, CEO Assistant of SIGG Outdoors, and Quentin Gigon, Junior Project Manager at swissnex China.


The evening was marked by an especially large audience, as ICL is organizing its annual program whereby young Swiss people get the opportunity to spend a summer in China in various professional functions. In addition to the presence of almost 30 of these beneficiaries of ICL’s support, there was also a special delegation of four high school students from the Canton of Neuchatel, which sponsors a China Discovery Program every year.

With fresh insights into topics such as cultural adaptation in Shanghai from a Swiss perspective, launching a startup in China, as well as a reinventing a classic Swiss brand, the night was enriching and provided a great platform for networking among this unusually large crowd of young Swiss people. It was with pleasure that swissnex China contributed to the night through both the presence of several of its representatives as well as through a presentation about the Innovation Landscape in China.

A warm thank you to Fabien Abbet, Pascaline Salvi, and Noémie Nussbaum for the organization of this great evening.