Towards a “New Innovation” – For a more sustainable society

Photo | GDUT-CNAN Institute, Dongguan University of Technology

Final review | Chen Yihua

Dongguan University of Technology May 9th, 2019

Professor Boer shares with you the future development trend of Intelligent manufacturing.

On the afternoon of May 9, Professor Claudio Roberto Boër from Switzerland brought a unique scientific lecture to the students in the Sino-French lecture hall.

The seminar was based on the theme of - Research and Search: A quest for a "new innovation" for a more sustainable society , focusing on mechanical engineering technology, sustainable development and innovation in today's society, and the frontier and future trends of international advanced manufacturing technology.


Prof. Boër vividly explained the progress of technology for students in a series of non-traditional manufacturing processes, such as diamond manufacturing and parts manufacturing.


Professor Boër interacts enthusiastically with the students. At the lecture, the students also circulated two books written and published by Professor Boër. At the end of the lecture, Professor Boër answered the questions one by one.


This lecture lasted nearly two hours. Professor Boër's speech was close to real life, and the examples were rich. Finally, the curtain came to a successful conclusion with applause. It is believed that after Professor Boer’s lectures, the students have a new understanding of their majors.

The Background of Prof. Boer

Professor Claudio Roberto Boër, Fellow of the International Society of Production Engineering (CIRP), Vice President of the Swiss University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland, Senior Advisor of SwissnexChina, previous Swiss Consul of the Swiss Federal Government Science and Technology Center, and Vice President of the Valorsec Anstalt Advisory Committee.

Professor Boër has 16 years of experience in the Swiss precision and automation industry, including the Swiss ABB Group, the Swiss company Tornos, Charmilles Technology, and 17-years Expert for Swiss Federal Technical Innovation Council. In addition, Professor Boër is involved in writing related books and articles on manufacturing, robotics, extended enterprise, mass customization and sustainable development. He is also the co-founder of the company, focusing on the development of virtual reality technology, 3D simulation technology, specialized production systems and non-profit projects, and promoted the development of more than 10 global projects.

 Since 1991, Professor Boër has actively promoted cooperation between Chinese local governments and European and Swiss agencies to develop more than 15 projects. Teaching courses on manufacturing and sustainable development technology in Chinese universities.