VR: New Perspectives on Contemporary Dance & Medical Training

By Yiwen Sun, Project Leader - Interdisciplinary & Special Projects 

On the occasion of the Asia Tour of VR_I, a contemporary dance piece in immersive virtual reality, Gilles Jobin, Director & Choreographer of the work was invited to present at the 5th Café des Sciences Lecture, together with Gauthier Dubruel, Business Director and co-founder of UbiSim, the first VR training solution for nurses. Around 50 attendants had the chance to meet with both speakers and network with the professionals in VR field. Nearly 900 audience watched the online live streaming of the talks via swissnex China social media channels.


Through the talks, Gilles Jobin shared with the audience his encounter with Artanim, the Swiss leading experts in motion capture and virtual reality and how he combines the new technology with his choreography. He revealed the process in making VR_I and the technical challenges in finalizing the project, which brought the audience to think about the turnouts of such work. Switching the perspectives, Gauthier Dubruel introduced his start-up company – UbiSim, and how virtual reality can be used to provide convenient and affordable practical training to health care practitioners. Guests were actively engaged with the discussion on new developments of VR application in medical training and clinical practices.


Café des Sciences is a new format at swissnex China offering a monthly platform for Swiss Spotlight Scientists and Startups to present their projects and engage with the local community. The lectures are followed by a networking reception and scheduled to take place every third Thursday each month at swissnex China or our partner spaces.

Please stay tuned for our next event on Synthetic Biology at Chronus Art Center and save the date for 20th June.