Maxwell Biosystems brings MaxTwo World Launch Tour 2019 to China

By Simin Yang, Project Coordinator - Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Maxwell Biosystems is a startup that took part in the Innosuisse Market Entry Camp for China. This time, Maxwell Biosystems arrives in China with its new product MaxTwo. On May 20, swissnex China supported MaxWell Biosystem with the launch of a scientific workshop where we invited local and international speakers from different fields, such as stem cells, organoids, in-vitro technologies, neuroscience/neuro-engineering, toxicity, safety pharmacology, and drug discovery.

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During the workshop, Dr. Urs Frey, CEO of MaxWell Biosystems shared their Company Overview and MEA Technology Trend.


Dr. Wei Gong, Application Scientist, shared the” iPSCs for CNS Drug Discovery - Phenotype Characterization and Novel Biomarkers”


The MaxTwo mainframe is an incubator allowing cells to have a proper environment during recording. It is designed for integration with automation systems. Overall, MaxTwo is a powerful electrical imaging system for drug discovery, safety pharmacology, and iPSC phenotyping applications.

 The event allowed the fascinated audience to learn more about the applications of high-resolution microelectrode arrays and to have a hands-on experience with the MaxTwo product.



 Company Overview 

MaxWell Biosystems AG is an electronics and biotechnology company based in Basel, Switzerland that provides instrumentation and solutions to advance neuroscience research and accelerate drug discovery. The company was incorporated in September 2016.

 Product Overview 

MaxWell Biosystems’ MaxTwo is a CMOS-based multiwell HD-MEA platform. It has all the capabilities of MaxOne–it captures high-quality signals at sub cellular resolution from long-term culture experiments. Electrical stimulation protocols can also be performed.

MaxTwo multiwell HD-MEA system allows for easy and vibration-free insertion of the multi-well MEA.