Young Swiss Talents Explore the Chinese Innovation Landscape

By Gabriel Bishop, Junior Project Manager - Academic Relations

In the scope of its academic activities, swissnex China often welcomes delegations from Swiss universities. At the end of May, we received two universities in our space and as always always it was a big pleasure to exchange with the dynamic students who came to China with great curiosity.

We first welcomed 20 students from the MBA of the Berner Fachhochschule (BFH) on May 30. They benefited from a presentation about swissnex China and its various activities by Danli Zhou, Co-Deputy CEO & Communications Manager at swissnex China. After a lunch hosted in our office, Peter Bachmann, Executive Director of SwissCham, further presented the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and its scope of action. The day was then completed by the guest lecture of Daniel Eckmann, a Berner Fachhochschule alumnus, who shared his experience doing business in China.


On the May 31, swissnex China received six highly motivated HESAV healthcare students specializing in fields such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy. This visit marked the end of a study trip at a hospital in Wuxi where they benefited from a two-week interdisciplinary training that allowed them to compare best practices with Switzerland.


Dr. Felix Moesner, Science Consul and CEO at swissnex China, gave them a presentation of the activities of swissnex China and of the Chinese innovation landscape. This was an opportunity to touch on the topic of medical technologies, which the students are also familiar with and which they get use in their field of practice back in Switzerland, such as orthopedic 3D printers and rehabilitation devices like Hocoma’s Lokomat.

We very much appreciated receiving these two groups of young talents and swissnex China wishes them lots of success in their upcoming professional life!