"Farewell my darlings in swissnex China!"

My time at swissnex China has come to an end.  I can say for certain that I enjoyed my time here.  I won’t forget the people that I have met at swissnex.  As I won’t forget the people here, I am sure that they will not forget me either – I have made my mark at swissnex. 

As I have previously mentioned in my prior post, the most rewarding thing about my internship at swissnex China is that the work I do is relevant and is acknowledged.  My work is to not be gone unnoticed.  I love that I am given big tasks such as helping with the annual report, editing reports, creating new brochures, etc.  It is very satisfying knowing that the work that I come by is to be published and publicized to the masses in China and Switzerland, with the potential of other countries. 

The tasks that I am given may be tedious, but that’s not to say that it is not interesting.  For instance, to prepare for the makings of a presentation I had to read up on other reports such as those on social media.  Those social media reports are very insightful; I learned more about China’s Internet history and social media use than my four months in China.  

Since the last post until now, my biggest accomplishment is getting to know more of the people in the office.  Becoming friends with the people at the office has been an eye-opening experience and I thank them for the great memories.  If not for them, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to explore a city that is unknown to me. 


Until we meet again!

- Vanna Tran