"This internship suits my expectations"

My name is Mélanie Boillat. As a Master of Sciences in Business Administration student with a major in Entrepreneurship (Innovation & Growth), I am currently doing a six-month academic internship at swissnex China. I got this chance thanks to the solid and long-lasting partnership between the School of Business Administration Fribourg and swissnex China, which offers me its support in the framework of my Master thesis. 

I am conducting research in the field of innovation, with a focus on the subject of “How International Cooperation, specifically with China, Pushes Innovation in Swiss SMEs”. I decided to take this amazing opportunity in order to have a concrete experience abroad, especially on the Asian market. My aim is to develop my skills and knowledge on international business and cooperation. 

Last year, during my Master’s program in Entrepreneurship at School of business administration Fribourg, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Marc Pauchard and Prof. Dr. Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser. My classmate Audrey Schroeter and I carried out a market analysis in the field of nanotechnologies for them. So it was great to meet them again here in China. I realized how small the world is and how everything is interconnected. More specifically, I also understood the important role of swissnex China in connecting people and developing scientific cooperation between China and Switzerland. This internship suits my expectations of working in an interdisciplinary and international environment. It gives me the entrepreneurial freedom and creativity to match my personality and drives my motivation to satisfy my professional life.