Christina Myers

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My name is Christina Myers and I just graduated with a degree in economics/business from HEC Lausanne. I am a half Colombian and a half Swiss. I was born and did all my studies in Switzerland. However, I left when I was 16 years old for a year to Colombia to the Swiss high school in Bogotà. I also took a gap year in Australia before going to the university. At university I was president of an entrepreneurship students’ association. I had to start-from-scratch and create/organize many entrepreneurship projects to promote entrepreneurship to students. During my studies I also created and launched a company called VOXSEAL with an EPFL graduated student (co-founder). Yves Pigneur supervised this work. VOXSEAL offers software solutions that remotely recognize individuals by the sound of their voices. We won a grant from “TheArk” in Idiap Research Institute in Martigny. I was also a teacher’s assistant of an entrepreneurship and innovation course at the EPFL (Venturelab). This is how innovation and entrepreneurship became a real passion for me during my studies. In Shanghai, I work 50% for the university of Lausanne and 50% for swissnex. My job for the University of Lausanne is to promote the university (find internships, partnerships, network of Alumnis). For swissnex I will be helping on entrepreneurship projects and helping also with communication. I am more than happy to work with the swissnex team and to be in Shanghai for six months!