Updates from our Intern: Lennart Bolliger

I am currently still working on my research project on philanthropy and the nonprofit sector in China. At the end of June, I had the chance to travel to Beijing to interview several local foundations and nonprofit organizations (NPOs) such as the China Foundation Center and the Narada Foundation. All interviews were very different but extremely interesting and informative, and have helped me a lot for my project.

The written report aims to give a comprehensive overview of the field of philanthropy and the nonprofit sector in China, and includes the following chapters: key concepts, objectives and approach; historical basis and development; donating in China; foundations in China; challenges and developments in the Chinese nonprofit sector; case examples of NPOs and foundations; and areas of collaboration between Chinese and Swiss foundations.

The final report will be available in German, English and possibly Chinese. I hope my work will not only contribute to a better understanding of the Chinese philanthropy-sector among Swiss foundations and NPOs but also foster the relationship and collaboration between the sectors in both countries.