Fire Escape Training!

Liliane Gonzalez worked in swisssnex China as a Junior Project Leader for six months, assisting us especially in the scientific and research projects. However, JUMPING from 22nd floor must be the most adventurous experience she could ever imagine...

When I first heard about fire escape training, I was so excited that I wanted it to be right now… The idea is to test all the equipment available at the Swiss Consulate General in case of fire… When THE DAY arrived I forgot about it! For me it was another ordinary day at work… When I went out for a break I saw a lot of people looking upstairs and taking pictures… I was curious and when I saw the long escape tube from downstairs, I realized it was THE DAY I was waiting for! I run back to the 22nd Floor, enter the Consulate General and everybody was wearing a green combination to jump into the escape tube!

I prepared myself: green body protection, double pair of socks and gloves. I’m ready to go! Some only explain you how to do: You enter in the tube, hold yourself with the left hand that will need to be always up, while your right hand holds your chest. You are in a sitting position and control the velocity of the fall with your legs, the more they are open the slower you go.

My fall begins, I’m happy, everything is going as planned, I can control the fall speed and I’m turning counter clock wise. You are a bit disorientated after a minute and are wondering when is the fall going to end… the walls are very close to you, your legs are trembling and tired to carry you… The fall goes faster and faster and you cannot stop it as you want… I panic! I want to stop but couldn’t! Ok, ok… Breathe Liliane, breathe, no need to panic… remember use your legs and not your arms… I manage to slow the fall, but where am I??? When is this going to end? I don’t see anything! Ear anything! I began to shout: Where are you guys? Is this going to end one day? I see a red mark on the tube… I hear someone: You are arriving… continue a bit!

I’m finally arrived! My legs are trembling, I cannot walk! Too many emotions! Sacha helped me and I lean against the wall of the building for a few minutes… I DID IT! With some burns on my hands and elbow, but I DID IT! To be honest, I hope I will never need to do it again, but in case of fire from the 22nd floor, I’m ready to jump!