Farewell from Zhanyu

How time flies. Now, I am arriving at the terminal of my journey of 6-month internship at swissnex China. All the past days spent together with colleagues at working, lunch, or team-building have been merged into a series of images which would be engraved in my mind.

Zhanyu Li

Zhanyu Li

Working as a local academic intern at swissnex China is really a rewarding experience. I could follow up multiple tasks at the same time. While assisting the SSSTC programs, I also contributed my own bit to various projects, like Swiss Start-ups, Swiss Day, Swiss Week, from which I have learned a lot in the field of project management. Besides, by accompanying various delegations and guests to Chinese universities, I have witnessed the efforts of building up partnership between Chinese and Swiss universities made by both sides. I found it challenging while significant to help achieve the common ground between the two sides by transcending the differences in language, culture, mindset and ways of working.

In the end, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to my dear colleagues, Tu, Sherry, Jasmine, Lijun, Cissy, Isabel, Elsa, Maad, Liliane… I would like to speak out the names of all of you. All of you have helped me make this internship complete. Many thanks, in particular, goes to mon chef, Pascal. I should say, you are a charismatic leader, great influencer and nice motivator, always full of energy and ready to listen to the opinions of every team member. I would also like to thank you, Linda, for your patient coaching and insightful advises throughout my internship.

Thank you very much, and hope to see you again soon.