Zàijiàn Shanghai … – Farewell from Priska

The end of my time at swissnex China is approaching and I cannot believe how quickly the last year has passed.

During my internship at swissnex China I took care of the science newsletters, did the coordination for the Science & Technology Diplomatic Circle (with for me the highlights being the visits to Yangshan Port IV Automated Terminal and Cainiao, the logistics arm of Alibaba) and helped organizing various events (with “Homes of Drones: The Sino-Swiss Drone Night” being the biggest one).

I grew very fond of China, its convenience, its culture and food (lánzhōu lāmiàn, jiǎozi, bāozi, tāng yuán, shāo kǎo, huǒ guō!) and besides extending my Chinese vocabulary mainly in the area of food, I also had the chance to travel to various destinations in China. Although sometimes having to overcome some difficulties and often communicating with hands, feet and WeChat translate, I enjoyed all my trips and I was amazed by the country’s landscapes, sights and very kind and helpful people!

I am thankful for the year in Shanghai, a vibrant and everchanging city, and for the people that I met, making my stay in China an amazing experience!

Zàijiàn Shanghai, zàijiàn China!

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