Brain Mobility at swissnex

Brain Mobility is the topic at this year's swissnexDay. The movement of skilled individuals either students, researchers or professionals, is a very important aspect for countries and their performance in todays global economy.  Many skilled Swiss people chose the way to go abroad to further develop their professional knowledge and broaden their mind while working or researching with leading peers, amongst different cultures. How can Switzerland further foster internationalization and how can we all benefit from brain mobility? Learn more about this and participate at the swissnexDay.

Also swissnex is part of international brain mobility, Viviane and Adrian are two examples, working in our team, already seen quite a lot of different countries:


"I always wanted to go abroad to further enlarge my horizon and work in different cultures and try to make the best out of my Swiss Education. With a Master of Science in Economics,  I worked for the European Commission for Photovoltaic and Wind projects in Italy, Spain and Germany. I got the chance to work with leading scientists and collaborate with a booming industry, which was very enriching experience. After a short stop-over in Switzerland in the finance industry, I landed at China at swissnex China. Since two years I go along with the fast pace in Shanghai, finding my way through complete different culture, complicated language and just incredible enriching experiences. By taking the step to go abroad, I had the chance to meet world-leading experts, got inspired by most innovative entrepreneurs and could connect it back to Switzerland. Send out your brains, let them connect and make sure you can bring them back! " Viviane Gut, Communications & Entrepreneurship, at swissnex China since 2010

"At the end of my  specialized Master program in Communication Management and Research at the University of Zurich, I had the opportunity to travel to two conferences. One was an initiative of the market research industry, the other a pure academic conference, where I presented research results. During those stays I got in touch with people from all around the world.

Afterwards I could choose between different job offers. I took an offer as a Data Analytics Manager for a Kuala Lumpur based Advertising Research Agency, because I wanted to gain some experience in the private sector in the APAC region. 

After a while I decided to start working again for two academic research projects of my former institute. I could do this work from home, so I moved to Taipei in order to improve my Mandarin skills.

After these projects were finished my main goal was to get some experience in Mainland China. swissnex China gave me this great opportunity to join them in Shanghai. 

Overall it was a great experience so far to get exposure to foreign cultures. I could meet many interesting people with different backgrounds." Adrian Rauchfleisch, intern at swissnex China