Few updates about innovation events

Shanghai BioClouds Event   11th April

Shanghai Juke Biotech Park organized 7th Shanghai Bioclouds event on April 11th. Swissnex China Executive director Pascal and Project Leader for Innovation & Technology Lijun Zhang have been invited and joined the event and discussion.

 The activity gave a good stage to six enterpreneurs  who are either overseas returnees or western  companies representatives in china, They  shared their valuable experience and opinions of doing business in china, who all have gone through mindset or behavior confrontation. With the globalization trend, more and more Switzerland companies and entrepreneurs will come and explore this booming but challenging Chinese market.  How to understand Chinese business culture before setting up footprint is always  a hot discussion topic.

Venture Day Shanghai  9th April

Venture Day is a worldwide start-up entrepreneurs contest in Spain, Italy, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Singapore, India. On 9th April, it’s the stage for Venture Day Shanghai.  Innovation & start-up entrepreneurs are in the spotlight in China right now, in conjunction with the rise of china’s incubator trend, according to data of Quest VC, the number of science & technology business incubators has grown from 131 in 2000 to 1,034 in 2011, some are playing a role as an accelerator and mentorship, like Innovation Works,  Microsoft Cloud Accelerator etc. However, starting business in china is still tough, especially for fledging start-ups offshore, “you should try to  be yourself, but at the same time, you need reach a balance on how much comprise you can make” “ you don’t need speak Chinese as so to be successful , but always keep in mind the localization….”  Valuable comments gave by keynote speakers  in the contest.

China regional innovation capability of China 2012

From the newly released survey from China Technology Development Strategy Research Group, Jiangsu Province tops the ranking of regional innovation capability in China with Guangdong Province following as second. Beijing and Shanghai have fallen to third and fourth. The foundation  for economy and technology development,  education level, openness of economical market, the attractiveness of foreign investment, the entrepreneur start-up environment, the collaboration level between academic and industry are all key criteria for the assessment and evaluation.