How Chinese Tourists on Sina Weibo See Switzerland as a Tourism Destination?

A recent white paper released by USI - Università della Svizzera italiana, studied how Chinese tourists on the very popular social network. Sina Weibo, portrait Switzerland as a tourism destination by analyzing pictures they uploaded. One of the research team members is Tu Hu, our new communication officer who just start her job at the beginning of April. Tu did this research as her master thesis research together with Nadzeya Kalbaska, and Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni. The results show that the online image of Switzerland as a tourism destination from Sina Weibo is composed by five main aspects: Mountain, Lake, Transportation, City and Food. Below you can find examples as the analyzed pictures that were collected from Sina Weibo. 

However, the report also says that the online profile of Switzerland as a tourism destination cannot be regarded as completed: very little reflection by Chinese visitors was paid on entertainment, events, accommodation (especially hotels), and nightlife. To download the white paper, please click here