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Shenzhen Polytechnic: nomination Visiting Professor and Academic Seminar by Prof. Claudio R. Boër

On April 17th, 2013 Shenzhen Polytechnic awarded Prof. Claudio R. Boër, the title of Visiting Professor for two years. The ceremony was held in front of a large number of Engineering Students and Professors and the Award was given by the President of the SZP.

After the ceremony, Professor Boër with the assistance of Stone Shi Bodong, gave an inaugural lecture on Advanced Manufacturing Process. There was great interest from the audience particularly on the 3D-printing process that is claimed to start the 4th industrial revolution.

The lecture has triggered already ideas for cooperation on the 3D printing for example, on the scaffolding for bone implants.

SZP is considered the best Polytechnic in China where Polytechnic means Higher Vocational Education College.

There is an agreement with Shenzhen University so that the best students can take part in Bachelor and Master level courses in SZP and be awarded the title of Bachelor and Master by Shenzhen University.

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