Workshop on 3D printing and bio-materials

 3D printing is a buzzword in china now.  Universities and industry are passionate in the technology application in medtech area like artificial bone, dental implant, cardiovascular stent, as well as the application in aviation industry. As for consumer sector, you can find hundreds of household 3D-printing machines from Heritage protection organization in Gansu province begin to utilize 3D printing in the fabrication of Buddhism stature fixed in Mogao Grottoes and exhibit the duplicates in other cities.

Swissnex China hosted a workshop on 22nd June with a group of 20 audience, discussing about the future uncertainty of this technology currently popular in china. Four professors and industrialists also shared with the public their insights on 3D printing prospects in the design, material, medtech industry. Is it a fad or pragmatic technology? What kind of negative consequences may end up with? Technology is always a two-bladed sword as said.