SUPSI EMBA Visit swissnex China

swissnex China and the Consulate General of Switzerland welcomes the SUPSI EMBA group on 2nd July, with presentations from Mr. Heinrich Schellenberg, Consul General of Switzerland, Mr. Pascal Marmier, Executive Director of swissnex China, Ms. Lijun Zhang, Project Leader Innovation and Technology, Ms. Tu Hu, Communication Officer,  and Senior Advisor, Prof. Claudio Boer. Mr. Schellenberg and the swissnex China team introduced various popular topics related to China, including economic development, trading, innovation and social media.


The SUPSI EMBA students are from different backgrounds and business fields. During their stay in Shanghai from 2nd July to 4th July, they had lectures and workshops regarding doing business and business innovation in China. In order to enhance their cultural experience in China, swissnex China even organized a tea tasting session with professional tea ceremony performance!