Roboy Shanghai Tour

Roboy, the revolutionary humanoid robot born in 9 months, is developed by a team consisting of a number of research institutions and leading private companies, which is led by the Artificial Lab of the University of Zurich with its Director Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeifer. It represents the future of robots and the true spirit of Swiss innovation in science and technology. Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeifer and his team are taking the Roboy on a tour around the world. On 13th, August, they visited Shanghai, and co-organized a robot show with the Department of Automation from Jiao Tong University in Shanghai Science & Technology Museum. Two robots from Jiangtong University - “Jiao Long” tour-guide robot and “Jiao Long” intelligent wheel chair were exhibited together with Roboy and interacted with each other as well as visitors in the museum. The show became a great hit in the museum and attracted hundreds of kids on the spot.

In the evening, the 2nd episode of the robot show moved to swissnex China. Prof. Weidong Chen, Director of Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Information Processing, and Prof. Pfeifer did presentations to the public to introduce the “behind the scene” story of their robots. The audiences raised many questions, as they were very curious and amazed by the robots’ performance.