swissnex China participates workshop “ The interplay between Innovation and Law”

23, August - swissnex China joins an invitation-only workshop to share insights and explore the development of an analytical framework on innovation and law for future reference.  The workshop members are from diversified background with a cross-cultural and multidisciplinary perspective, interacting and building upon case studies, use cases, and examples from around the world.  During the morning discussion, audience have different definitions on innovation and the progress, imitation is a buzz word frequently quoted to harshly compare with innovation, which mirrors the current status in Chinese market and leads to a hot discussion on variables between china , US and European from culture, economic, legal infrastructure aspects.  In the afternoon session, audience debate the pros and cons of law with the impact on innovation,  whether law infrastructure fuels or constrains the progress of innovation. It concludes that law system in china requires an improvement and transform to a stimulator of innovation.

The workshop has reached a success and might also lead to a follow-up meeting in form of symposium or conference with expanding audience.