Visit Gymnasium Baden and Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Foreign Languages School, 16 July

On the occasion of the first trip to China, within the framework of the cooperation between the Gymnasium Baden Switzerland and the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Foreign Languages School, the group of students visited us on July 16, 2014.

After an introduction about swissnex China, our activities, our mission and work here, the students had all sorts of questions! Eager to learn more about life in China, the students (both from Switzerland and China) asked about the differences in daily life here in China compared to Switzerland, and what a Swiss citizen could miss from home, and what kind of special Chinese dishes one has tried. But also questions regarding cultural gap or the gap between rich and poor, have been asked, also wondering on what business from Switzerland is popular here, and which companies would come to China.

A broad variety of questions, asked by young dynamic students! We hope they all gained some interesting insights during the presentations and the Q&A and wish them best of luck for a successful continuation of the study trip!