A possible model for Swiss S&T cooperation? - Austria-China Roundtable on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 23 September

For the 2nd time Advantage Austria organized a conference on Nano-science and Nano-technology in Shanghai, where Austrian and Chinese experts in these fields could meet at the Shanghai University and exchange about their projects. With more than 120 specialists attending the event, there was a lot of potential for possible future cooperation.

The day started  with the signature of a collaboration agreement and the release of a joint call for Chinese-Austrian projects. During the rest of the day 20 nano tech professionals had each 10 minutes to describe the research projects of their institutes or companies to the audience in the main conference room. The projects presented were related to different fields and varied from life science and new materials to innovative use of nanotechnologies in physics. The high quality of the speakers and their presentations contributed to a fruitful and informative experience for the participants. 

Besides the main conference, there were additional rooms reserved for B2B meetings, offering a platform to already discuss possible collaborations between Austrian and Chinese start-ups, companies and research institutions.

This Austrian-Chinese roundtable represented an interesting possible model to bring also Swiss and Chinese stakeholders together in order to enhance future science and technology cooperation.

- contributed by Liliane Gonzalez and Isabel Bolliger