UZH Students gathering, 18 September

On the initiative of the University of Zurich we organized a gathering for their exchange students, which just arrived in Shanghai. Invited were also all other Swiss students, as well as the UZH Alumni and interns working at different Swiss institutions in Shanghai, e.g. the Consulate General and the Swiss Center Shanghai. It was a delight to welcome such a large number of participants from all over Switzerland, who could get to know each other over a delicious Chinese dinner. After tasting many different dishes from the Sichuan cuisine, and ideally located in the lively French Concession, the whole group moved to a nearby bar, to further share already made experiences and discuss ideas for the next months. The gathering was a perfect base for starting a valuable network among the young Swiss, which will not only last for their exchange in China, and therefore it was a big success.

We hope the group enjoyed the evening as much as we did and wish them an interesting and fruitful stay in Shanghai. Maybe some of them will welcome one day Swiss students in Shanghai too!

Contributed by Isabel Bolliger – Academic Intern in cooperation with UZH