Freitag Night Fever

The Freitag community met in Shanghai last Friday night to celebrate their favorite brand and to attend a design talk given by Daniel Freitag. swissnex China as a partner of the event helped the Freitag team with the media session that took place just before the event.

Shanghai F-ans Club

The community that Freitag managed to build in Shanghai impressed all the non-insiders present to this event. Who would have believed that a Swiss fashion brand would be able to build such a loyal and big local community in a city like Shanghai? The most impressive fact is that the members of this trendy community have apparently no former link with Switzerland except their love for the brand.

It is something really unexpected to see people coming in advance to an event in such a busy city; but members of the Shanghai F-ans Club, as they call themselves, were already there two hours before the beginning of the event. They knew that they would finally have the chance to get to know the team that builds the identity of their favorite brand and meet one of its co-Founders.

His name is Freitag…Daniel Freitag           

The man whom everybody was waiting for in Shanghai that night wasn’t the secret agent played by Daniel Craig. For one night Daniel Freitag stole the show to the new James Bond. Everybody wanted to meet the guy that came out with the idea of creating a bag out of a used truck’s tarp. Unlike the agent Bond the only weapon Daniel F. had at the beginning was a bag, a bag to fight for sustainability.

To be precise, Daniel F. doesn’t act as a single agent for sustainable fashion but is part of a dynamic duo, the F-Bros. The initial idea of the Freitag’s messenger bag was actually born already more than 20 years ago in a Zurich kitchen in the brilliant minds of Daniel Freitag and his brother, Markus. Nowadays they propose a wide range of bags, purses, smartphone’s cases…all made out of the same material.


Fashion does not always rhyme with consumption

Fortunately for us, the Freitag team did not plan to stop to innovate and has recently started to offer sustainable outfits made from an innovative F-ABRIC develop by the team. Like the birth of every Freitag’s product, the creation of these new fabrics has its own story that must be told. Willing to implement sustainability in the whole production process, the Freitag team was actually looking for suitable workwears for their employees when they realized that no tough, sustainably produced, Europe made and compostable material existed. So, they decided to develop their own textiles starting from the fiber up to the final product that would fulfill their requirements 100%.

Once more they succeed to overpass the resources’ waste that usually goes hands with hands with making fashionable clothes. 

An Almost White Christmas

This event has been an occasion for the Brand to thank the Freitag community for its loyalty by offering them the opportunity to win an early Christmas present.

Some of the winning pictures including one of our intern working hard to create the perfect picture

Some of the winning pictures including one of our intern working hard to create the perfect picture

 By taking part in the “#ShanghaInYourBag” picture competition, the Shanghainese community got the chance to win accessories from the “Almost White” but strictly limited edition and to have it signed by Daniel Freitag himself at the end of the event. The thrilled swissnex’s interns participated in the competition with a lot of enthusiasm. One of the interns, Alessandra, even won the competition after having spending some crazy hours in the office trying to find the best items to create a perfect picture.

The story continues…

The legend tells that after saying goodbye to everybody, the Freitag team went to explore the local night life with a part of the swissnex team. Some Shanghainese night owls claim that they have seen Daniel F. and his team in some concert that night and one even maintains to have spotted them in some street restaurant lost in the heart of the city. But that is probably just a legend…

Contributed by Loris Savary, Junior Project Leader at swissnex China