Young Swiss Challenge: Entrepreneurship Workshop

On July 2, swissnex China organized a joint workshop with Young Swiss in China. The topic?... Entrepreneurship!

The goal of this event was to meet three young Swiss entrepreneurs here in Shanghai, get to know their stories and activities and finally help them solving some of their daily challenges.

We started with some quick presentations from our hosts: Integrated Chinese Life, a one stop agency for a great experience in China - represented by Bastien Dumont; Saucepan, a new healthy meal preparation solution - represented by Simon Vogel and Wolfgang Illing; and the freelancer designer Jean-Philippe Bonzon.

Then, each team was given a specific challenge and only 30 min to come up with the best creative and innovative ideas.


After a great buffet prepared by Saucepan, we were ready to hear the 2min pitches of our 8 teams!

The entrepreneurs were really happy to hear the amazing ideas coming from our young community and they found the event very useful and interesting. Each team was also given a feedback so that everyone could gain some experience out of this workshop! 

Congratulations to the first three winning teams, who won some vouchers to order healthy food with Saucepan! ;)

Contributed by Alessandra Volterra, Junior Project Leader at swissnex China