Young Swiss entrepreneurs in China: Let’s meet!

swissnex China organized an entrepreneur meeting on the occasion of the Swiss national day, on Saturday 1st of August. It was actually not an ordinary meeting; only some young Swiss entrepreneurs active with their own start-up in China were invited to participate.


To launch a start-up, the network is priceless. For that purpose, swissnex China used the opportunity to set up the meeting within the well-known 1st of August Event organized by the Swiss Club and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai; in that way, the young entrepreneurs had at the same time the chance to meet other entrepreneurs with more experience as well.  


The team enjoyed the time spend together while they discussed about their ideas, projects and experiences. Actually, most of them have heard about each other but they were almost never in contact. It was interesting for them to share and get to know other projects and people who go sometimes though similar daily challenges. China offers actually a lot…


 It was also a great opportunity to create some content to continue to promote them. From now on, you will regularly read news about the young Swiss entrepreneurs in China and learn who they are, what are their products & services, their needs and how to get in contact with them. Make sure to continue to follow this blog as well as swissnex China's social media as it will regularly be posted on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.


For sure, the national Day was a good reason to meet and spend a good time together. To sum-up this day, I would say: Be an entrepreneur in China? Yes… with creativity, flexibility, an open-mind, a lot of patience and networking skills!


- Contributed by Laurence Niquille, Junior Project Leader at swissnex China