A Monkey up in the Alps

To celebrate the upcoming Monkey Year and to thanks their partners and friends for their support during this year swissnex China had invited them to a Sino-swiss New Year celebration.

Guided by our monkey the guests start their journey to the Swiss Alps. After having been introduced to Chinese Calligraphy some of them enjoyed a break near the Chocolate fountain from where they were able to enjoy the view on the picturesque Swiss village of Gruyeres. On their way up the hill of Gruyeres they listened to a traditional swiss song “Le Vieux Chalet” sung in three Swiss national languages and Chinese. After this small musical break presented by our team, the guests were offered to admire the Chinese art of sugar drawing. Before finally reaching the top of the hill where the buffet was waiting for them, the guests had the opportunity to test their expertise about China and Switzerland and to win our customized paper cut monkey by taking part in our quiz. We were delighted to observe the great knowledge of our guests about our two countries.

The swissnex team wants to thank again our partners for their support during the fascinating journey that this year has been. We wish to all the swissnex China friends and partners all the best for this upcoming year and we hope that this year will be filled with further successful collaboration.


Contributed by Loris Savary, Junior Project Leader at swissnex China