Preparatory Workshop and Alumni Gathering

On June 23, swissnex China hosted a Preparatory Workshop, together with an Alumni Gathering in the afternoon for all students newly admitted into a Swiss post-secondary institution. This event also took place in Beijing at the residence of the Ambassador of Switzerland several weeks ago. 

In the event, we welcomed more than 40 students who are going to different Swiss universities in the coming September, ranging from EPFL, ETH, EHL, and University of Lausanne etc. Furthermore, several potential students who are interested in studying in Switzerland also joined us.

During the session, swissnex has prepared great feed of information and guide to audience in many aspects, including how to make friends with Swiss; how to apply for visa; how to travel and how to develop professional career in Switzerland. Those presentations offer experiences and valuable lessons with the young recruits, providing an overview of the potential opportunities and challenges for students moving to Switzerland.

The highlight of the event was the interactive session where different questions about Switzerland were posted to audience. Audience were delighted to participate and interact with the host, the ambience was in a great shape.

After presentations, networking session started, and the crowed spread out to enjoy friends-making and catering. Some young alumni from Swiss universities also joined the session to meet new students and share their tips and advice.

This event strengthened the link between Swiss university alumni and swissnex, as the official reprehensive of Swiss public universities in China, as well as the connection between current students and young graduates, this workshop also benefit students from providing a platform for them with useful information and guidance before going to study aboard.

- Contributed by Pang Yu, Junior Project Leader @swissnex China