Swiss startup rqmicro participated in IPIEC

IPIEC(International Property innovation and enterpreneruship contest)was initiated since 2015 to facilitate and promote domestic innovation and entrepreneurship, and improve the awareness of the general public, academics, investors and entrepreneurs on technology trend and IP concepts. This year it’s third edition in China with a group of 30 teams, coming from different countries around the world, such as Germany, Israel, South Korea, UK, US and of course Switzerland.

Rqmicro from Switzerland recommended by swissnex China applied and successfully had been selected to join the semi-final pitching to local investors and entrepreneurs.

Rqmicro has developed a new technology that can separate and detects the microbiology in water and food related industry that delivers actual result in less than 1 hour. China is an important market with huge potential, rqmicro has applied and joined CTI China Market entry CAMP with ambition to entry. 


IPIEC gives rqmicro a platform to pitch to potential market customers and partners by offering one-week coaching workshop and meetings with investors and Chinese companies. It helps rqmicro gained a deeper insight into the Chinese market, such as what technologies are needed in daily production and application of local industry; what questions foreign start-ups would typically face when coming to the Chinese market; etc. Another highlight was the Mars Summit in Shenzhen, where we met Sophia, the first robot to receive citizenship of any country.

There it’s also observed how IT industry blossomed in China and how this influenced our everyday life. The contest is ongoing, with voting by public, the final champion will be rewarded $100,000.