Made in Swiss, Drug discovery seminar

Based on an innovative strategic partnership agreed between the Chinese President and the President of the Swiss Confederation in 2016, Swiss innovation gets traction among Chinese investors and companies. 

As leading country in drug discovery, Switzerland embraces the academic and industry collaboration and keen to have Chinese healthcare companies carry out research collaboration with universities and research institutes in Switzerland. 

On Dec 5th,  “Made in Switzerland Drug Discovery “seminar was held in Novartis Shanghai center with over 80 participants from healthcare industry in China.  Keynote speakers from university of Zurich Prof Christoph Hock and Prof Michael Hennig from university of Basel shared Swiss advantage in new drug discovery especially early stage by leveraging the research sources and talent power which are unparalleled in the world.

Panelists discussed the key pain in exploratory  and optimization stages in drug discovery in China. To shape the future of drug discovery, partnering with Swiss research power for scientific collaboration and  sending staff  to Switzerland in proximity to research institutes would be an idea win-win method.  Such healthcare hub and research  powers as Basel, university of Zurich, Paul Scherrer Institute etc. have strong know-how and leading in drug discovery science and technology development.