Canton Aargau High School Students Visiting swissnex China

By Xu Yuzhuo, Junior Project Leader Academic Relations

On April 10, swissnex China had the pleasure of welcoming 17 high school students from Canton Aargau. The students were on a two-week cultural trip in China led by their Chinese language teacher Mrs. Nathalie Bao-Götsch.

Mr. Erwin Lüthi, Deputy Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai, gave a presentation about Sino-Swiss relations and Swiss presence in China to the students.


Then Ms. Rahel Gruber, Operations Manager of swissnex China, introduced swissnex China’s mission and our activities.


The afternoon then continued with a presentation by Xu Yuzhuo, Junior Project Leader Academic Relations, on the topic of WeChat, as it is the most important communication tool in China and something completely new to the students. Yuzhuo demonstrated the functions of WeChat and explained how it dominates the market thanks to its powerful one-stop service.


Then Mr. Quentin Gigon, Junior Project Leader Innovation and Entrepreneurship, talked about how mobile payment works in China. He displayed relevant statistics and talked about how China is gradually turning into a cashless society.


The topics discussed were of high interest to the students and they asked many questions after the presentations. Their trip in China continues after the visit to swissnex China and we wish them a pleasant time!