From Bio-art to Synthetic Biology

by Lan YAO, Junior Project Manager for Interdisciplinary and Special Projects

Co-organized with Chronus Art Center, swissnex China presented a special Café des Sciences Lecture featuring synthetic biology with a guided tour of Bio-art Exhibition on 20th June.


Famous Chinese artist – Mr. Liang Shaoji elaborated on his featured work with cocoons during the guided tour. Influenced by the philosophical thinking of Martin Heidegger and the Chinese ancient philosophers – Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi, Mr. Liang sees the sadness and the strife of human life in raw silk thread and turns the thoughts into contemporary art installations using unusual expertise and extraordinary techniques. After the guided tour, Prof. Mario Andrea Marchisio, Post – Doctor graduated from ETH Zurich gave a glance at his research on engineering microbes as living sensors. Prof. Marchisio currently works as an Associate Professor in Tianjin University where he has a research lab dedicated to synthetic biology. During his talk, he explained his research on realizing biosensors in the yeast S. cerevisiae and shared with us the outcome of the current research phase that anti-CRISPR proteins can work efficiently in S. cerevisiae cells. Audience from professional background had a good discussion with the speakers and enjoyed the evening.


Café des Sciences is a new format at swissnex China offering a monthly platform for Swiss Spotlight Scientists and Startups to present their projects and engage with the local community. The lectures are followed by a networking reception and scheduled to take place every third Thursday each month at swissnex China or our partner spaces.

Please stay tuned for our next event on Architecture and save the date for 18th July.