A Coffee Workshop with HEC Lausanne Alumni

Rainy Sunday in Shanghai… A parade of umbrellas was going on in the French concession... Just around the corner of the Abbey Road restaurant, a well known establishment that our dear Alumni already visited several times, HEC Lausanne held a cozy coffee workshop to brighten the day!

Gathered around a small but convivial room, our Alumni had the pleasure to discover more about this marvelous drink that reminded us of the Internef cafeteria. After some greetings and small talks, a friendly teacher shared his know-how and passion about coffee. This workshop began by introducing different types of coffee – explaining the importance of the water temperature in order to extract the coffee flavor – and presenting various coffee beans. This introduction happened in a cheerful atmosphere, our Alumni enjoyed asking questions and had a great time.

The real highlight of that day is when we attempted to create some latte art! After steaming some milk in a pitcher, we had to pour it into a cup of expresso in order to create a (abstract) heart shape. Needless to say that drinking our own coffee tasted much better than the one we usually buy!

That was a delightful moment our Alumni had this afternoon. Thanks to our teacher who kindly initiated us to the art of coffee, we can now appreciate this beverage even more!


Contributed by Hin-Jun Wong, HEC Lausanne Ambassador and Junior Project Leader at swissnex China