Swiss Wine Tasting with the HEC Lausanne Alumni

A beautiful selection of Swiss wines some delicate food and a dozen of friendly Alumni, it is just what you need to celebrate the end of a long working week. This recipe is the one the Alumni from HEC Lausanne and the University of Lausanne tried last Friday night in the swissnex China office, and I can tell you that they won’t let the recipe in their culinary book collection without using it again. So, if you also want to reproduce our mouth-watering recipe at home follow those few steps:

1. First, with the help of “XuantaiSwiss Wine”, make a selection of fine wines from the Swiss rich soils. We strongly advise you to select wines from different areas of our beautiful country to enjoy the diversity of ours soils.

2. Make sure to have the right guests. If you can’t find any HEC Lausanne Alumni where you are, we recommend you to choose any other interesting people (we like them friendly and multicultural).

3. Prepare some platters of Swiss delicacies because we all know that drinking with an empty stomach is not recommended and that nothing match better Swiss wine than Swiss cheese (we don’t even need an excuse to eat good cheese anyway).

4. Write some notes about the wines to show off during the evening and pretend that you actually noticed the delicate toasted hazelnut notes in.the Chardonnay. You will look like a connoisseur and be sure that next time your friends bring you a bottle of wine they will bring you a good quality Swiss Wine instead of a fake Bordeaux.

5. Prepare a small quiz about Swiss wine to entertain your guests. They will have fun and learn interesting facts about Swiss wines (because your event is actually not only about drinking the wine but also about learning more about it).

6. Finally, mix everything in a cosy atmosphere by adding some background music  (please, try to avoid every kind of elevator music hidden behind the name: “Lounge Music”)


(This recipe sounds quite easy but you might not have the Chance to have Alumni as great as the one from HEC Lausanne.)

This event has also been an occasion to give a chance to our new HEC ambassador, Hin-Jun Wong, to introduce himself and to say goodbye to the former one (that’s me).

Best wishes to our new HEC Lausanne Ambassador, Hin-Jun !

Best wishes to our new HEC Lausanne Ambassador, Hin-Jun !


Contributed by Loris Savary, HEC Lausanne Ambassador and Junior Project Leader at swissnex China

Bonus: Swiss wine quiz

1. Which Variety of wine is the most common in Switzerland?
  a. Pinot noir
  b. Chasselas
  c.Petite arvine

2. For which variety of wine is Ticino famous?
  a. Merlot
  b. Pinot nero
  c. Gamaret
3. The biggest wine producer “canton” is:
  a. Vaud
  b. Valais
  c. Ticino
4. You can produce white wine with a red variety of grape.
  a. True
  b. False
5. How many bottles of wine per inhabitants are produced every year in Switzerland?

6. Swiss people drink _ times more wine than American people.

7. What percentage of the Swiss wine production is exported?

Answers: 1.a 2.a 3.b 4.a 5. env. 21 bottles 6. 4 times 7.only 2%