WRF World Resources Forum Beijing

Have you ever wondered, how many natural resources and elements had been used to produce your cell phone?

While making important calls, checking latest news, installing apps or sending messages, this question might not be the first to cross your mind. But did you know that by 1980 only 11 elements where used in the production process of a regular cell phone, and today the number increased to 63!!

Resources and elements, along with latest developments of projects in the area of renewable energy are some of the topics of this year’s World Resources Forum, currently held in the China National Convention Center, Beijing.

Opening Plenary Session “Green Economy: What are the challenges?”, talk by Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy, Member of European Parliament, Netherlands

The WRF (World Resources Forum), initiated by the EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) and Swiss Academy of Arts and Sciences, is an international platform for experts, professors, students, as well as for private and governmental institutions and companies. During the numerous lectures and talks, workshops and discussions, topics such as the sustainable use of natural resources, latest developments, research results, implementation of technology, renewable energy, knowledge transfer etc. are being discussed.


Tom Lynch, University of Leeds sharing insights about using wind energy

The use of energy, coming from natural sources such as the sun, water and wind are going to become more efficient, thanks to the on going research. Experts shared their latest results and conclusions from their projects. One of the major issues mentioned was the problem of implementation of the technology in developing countries. The current un-awareness of the risk that natural resources might be uses up, presents a great danger. Knowing about the needs and the developments of the market, the needed technology is being produced and given. The institutions involved are working on different levels and in various sectors, by using their experience their knowledge to improve the promotion, and to rise awareness.

The next WRF is already in planning and is going to be held in Davos, Switzerland in October 2013. If you are interested in the Forum and related projects, find more on www.worldresourcesforum.org