Visit to the World’s Most Valuable AI Startup Unicorn Together with S&TDC

By Priska Furrer, Junior Project Manager

On February 25, swissnex China joined a visit of the Science & Technology Diplomatic Circle to the world’s most valuable artificial intelligence startup unicorn SenseTime. SenseTime focuses on computer vision and deep learning and is valued US$6 billion. SenseTime leads the market in almost all vertical industries, including smart city, smartphone, mobile internet, online entertainment, automobile, finance, retail, education, real estate, and so forth. The company boasts more than 700 customers and partners in China and overseas, including world-renowned institutions and companies such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Honda Motors, Alibaba Group, Suning, China Mobile, China UnionPay, wanda, Huawei, Xiaomi Technology, OPPO, vivo, orWeibo Corporation. It also established the National Open Innovation Platform for Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence on Intelligent Vision. The future plan is to extend its Shanghai base to host 3000 employees and accommodate the largest of 5 supercomputers with 30’000 GPUs. Already now, an impressive 250 PhDs in AI are working for SenseTime.

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